The Seven Must Do's When Naming Guardians for Kids

Find out the 7 Must Do's before you name guardians for your kids.

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FAQ of the Week: How Do I Choose A Guardian? Here’s How!

Making a decision about who would raise your children if something happened to you can be puzzling and even dramatic—especially for a married couple trying to agree on potential guardians. Rest assured, you know your children better than anyone and you’re uniquely qualified to make the decision in a way no one else is—not even a judge. So before you throw your arms up with an “I have no idea who to pick!” here’s a method to come to a decision that you can live with. REMEMBER: guardian nominations can be changed and should be changed over time as your children grow and their needs change. Don’t be afraid to make a decision and then change it later. That’s the natural progression of childhood in operation.

Does this kid looks like he needs a special kind of guardian? Oh yeah. Continue reading

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