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Hartney Law offers sophisticated estate planning in Longmont, Colorado. We help Boulder’s adventurous and entrepreneurial families plan for an uncertain future so they can stop worrying and start living. Your estate planning attorney may be your greatest ally in ensuring seamless family governance in any situation life may give you. Estate planning is a lifelong activity.  Pick someone you trust who understands that your greatest wealth is you who will help you care for your kids, your wealth, and yourself. If you are looking for reliable, family law & estate planning in Longmont, Colorado, you are the correct place.

Traditional Families – Longmont Estate Planning

Moms and Dads in the original relationship that brought their darling boys and girls into the world. Whether you were married or are a common law couple (you might be and not even know it!), you probably have questions about what would happen to your kids if something happened to you.

Love, love, love the video idea! What a precious gift to our children if something were ever to happen.Who knew estate & family planning would be so easy and fun! Excellent experience!
– Stephanie & Matthew O

Single Parent Families – Longmont Estate Planning

Moms and Dads living on their own have special needs when it comes to protecting their kids and providing for them. Whether there’s a co-parent or not, single parents should take the time to understand what could happen in an emergency. We can give you the information you need to make sure you’re comfortable with your plans.

I’m very confident thanks to Martha. I don’t feel worried or stressed. We’ve gone through different scenarios and addressed all concerns. I want to be here for my family, but have done what I can if I’m not able to be.
– Eve A

Blended-Families –

Longmont Estate Planning

When step-parents, kids and siblings are involved, even more intention is required when planning. Blended families may need marital and property agreements to help ensure that all children are cared for while also providing for spouses.

Martha is very knowledgeable. She helped us answer questions we never would have thought to ask. She is also very warm. We felt cared for in all our interactions with her.
– C.V.

Multi-Generational Families:

Longmont Estate Planning

Today’s families are rarely simple anymore. Often more than two generations or non-consecutive generations live together. Grandparents, kids, grandkids and beyond should all be considered in these circumstances.

The time Martha took to explain details of the process was exceptional. We feel our family will be well protected and are confident in Martha’s knowledge and abilities.
– Trevor & Sarah B

Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Poly:

Longmont Estate Planning

Moms and Moms, Dads and Dads! Mom, Mom and Dad! Because your rights aren’t fully recognized everywhere (yet), it’s vital that you protect your loved ones using as many estate planning tools as possible. We can help you determine the most effective layered protections available and put your plan into place so you never have to worry about being lost in the fray.

I felt Martha listened well to our needs and presented all options. We felt confident that we made the right choice for our family right now. I also appreciated being able to bring our youngest child to the signing. We had a great, positive, non-scary (considering the subject matter) experience.
– B.B.

International (non-U.S.) Families:

Longmont Estate Planning

If you or your partner, or both, are not U.S. citizens, you have unique child custody and gift/estate tax issues that require specific attention beyond what other couples may encounter. We can help you navigate these complexities so you can rest easy that your family would be provided for and children cared for by the guardians you choose in this or your country of origin.

Martha’s flexibility and accomodation to us during the process was very helpful. Her focused law practice is very important for families.
– David


Business Owners

Business planning for maximum tax relief and liability protection is critical to your business and your life. In addition, most small business owners have not considered what would happen to their life’s work if something happened to them. Your business needs “estate” planning too (it’s just called business succession planning instead).

Our experience with Martha far exceeded our expectations. We really appreciated the visuals Martha used to help us understand our options.
– Stephen & Kristin B


Are you ready to embark on making your dreams come true? We’ll help you lay a strong foundation for your business that can support its growth for the long term. Build it like you mean it! We’ll help you set sail!

Everyone needs the information and support Martha can provide.
– Michael & Selena


Doctors, lawyers, accountants, any profession at risk of litigation for malpractice could benefit from advanced asset protection strategies that we can help you build right away. A critical issue in asset protection is making sure it’s in place before it’s ever needed.

Martha did an excellent job breaking down the basics in a way we could relate to and understand. We feel educated and confident after going through the planning process.
– Tom & Jill K


Trustees & Personal Representatives

Have you been named as a trustee or a personal representative (executor) for someone else? Acting as a trustee is a big responsibility. Take it seriously and get the support you need to do the job right. We can help you get and stay organized, understand your responsibilities and fulfill your fiduciary duties.

We had some unconventional circumstances which took some time to resolve. Martha patiently allowed us to come to an understanding of how to resolve those issues.
– Elizabeth & Richard B

Agent Under a Power of Attorney

Has your loved one named you as their agent under a Power of Attorney? Do you know what you need to know to wield that power with care and diligence? Your best bet is to get counsel on what that power means, what it can and cannot do, and how to use it wisely.


Hartney Law
Family Law & Estate Planning Law Firm in Boulder, Colorado

A Very Different Kind of Law Practice:

  • No Hourly Billing: Our experienced estate planning attorneys charge flat-fees for our planning services so you never have to worry about a surprise bill.
  • Communication is encouraged from our clients. We want you to know what your estate plan does!
  • Complimentary 3-Year Estate Planning Reviews to ensure that as our clients’ lives change, so does their estate plan.
  • We Protect Your Real Wealth which is your human, intellectual and spiritual assets–not just your money.

This is what you need to know about family law & estate planning Boulder, Colorado:

A REAL estate plan is not a document. It’s an emergency response structure for any kind of emergency. A real plan is designed, thought out, and carefully engineered to provide for ourselves and our loved ones without court intervention, reducing drama between family members, and making life easier in a tragic situation.

A REAL estate plan is created by a professional who doesn’t just dabble in planning for death—it’s a plan that can be deployed when things don’t go as we expect, so that we don’t have to look around every corner wondering if the next bus that passes us is the last bus we’ll ever see.

A REAL estate plan includes a Living Will, a Will, and many other instruments and vehicles that carry out the design you and your attorney crafted together.

A REAL estate planner is someone who spends time with you to understand what your wishes and vision are for your family and designs a plan you can understand.

A REAL estate planner is not a general practitioner or an hourly biller that can’t tell you how much a plan will cost or how it should be maintained.

A REAL estate plan is a process. It should take more than one meeting and include a significant education for you as the head of your household so you know how to approach the way you own property and how you’ll transfer that to the right people if something happens to you.

A REAL estate plan is a project that parents take on as one of their most important tasks as adults—to carefully provide for our loved ones.

A REAL estate plan captures your intangible wealth, not just your monetary wealth. It makes sure your kids know more of who you are at your core—in the event you’re not here to share your wisdom with them in person. Your plan will share some of your most important values in an interesting and valuable way.

A REAL estate plan is not cheap. And it shouldn’t be. Because you matter. What you do and how you do it are important to someone other than you.

A REAL estate plan is an act of love and devotion. It announces to your family and the world that you mean business in your life—that you’re not kidding around or playing small. You are important. To your family and your community.

Creating an estate plan not only serves your family in an emergency, it is a critical step in your development as a parent. Take it seriously.

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