Safe & Loved: How to Protect and Provide for Your Children if You're Not at the Helm

The FULL download on estate planning for parents. Take 90 minutes to find out what you need to know but probably don’t have a total handle on. Your estate plan is your “prayer” of an uncertain future. Make it a good one. Make it a thorough one.

Martha Hartney

Conversations About Divorce with Mandy Walker Podcast

Conversations About Divorce with Mandy Walker Podcast Episdoe

What to Expect at Your Initial Consultation

At Hartney Law, we call our first meeting a Family Wealth Planning Session. In this short video, Martha lets you know what to expect at this meeting.

What You Are Buying When You Buy an Estate Plan

There are several options for creating an estate plan. Martha goes over some of the options and what you can expect to pay for a plan if you are a family with minor children living at home.

Wills vs. Living Wills

Are you one of the many people who don’t know there’s a difference between “Wills” and “Living Wills”? If so, that’s ok. Take a moment to learn the difference and to learn what you need when building your estate plan.

Do You Have a "Reluctant Spouse" Who Doesn't Want to Plan? (Show them this!)

Is your spouse asking you to visit our law firm but you don’t really want to? It never hurts to learn more about Estate Planning and we’ll never pressure you to buy a plan if you aren’t interested.

What is a Trust?

A trust is an instruction manual that you write (with an attorney) for how your assets are to be handled when you are disabled or dead.

What is a Trust Protector?

A Trust Protector is someone who is not the trustee, nor are they the beneficiary. They act as a guardian angel who can step in to protect a child if receiving money directly would not be in his/her best interest. They can make changes to the trust without involving courts. If you’ve already created your plan with us, you may want to share this video with your Trust Protector so they know what their role will be. If you’re working on your plan, this may help you choose the best Trust Protector for your trust.

How to Refinance Your Home When It's Held in a Revocable Living Trust

If your home is held in your Revocable Living Trust, there are a couple of things you can do if you choose to refinance. In this short video, Martha explains your options.

A Short on Planning for Your Special Needs Child

Do you have family or friends who might want to gift money to your special needs child? Yes or no, Martha discusses how to plan for your child with special needs so that they will be cared for and will not lose their government benefits, should something happen to you.

Reasons You May Regret Saving Money for Your Children in a UTMA Account

Are you saving significant amounts of money for your children in a UTMA account? In this short video, you’ll learn why several of our clients have come to regret this choice and what you can do instead.

A Wealth Creation Trust - An Alternative to the UTMA Account

A Wealth Creation Trust is a good option if you want to save large amounts of money for your children but want them to have control of that money when they are financially responsible (generally between 25 and 35 years old).

Talking to Your Parents About Their Estate Plan

There are several reasons you might want to talk to your parents about their Estate Plan. Martha offers some suggestions for how you might open what could be a challenging conversation.

Co-Ownership of Property

There are many factors to consider in your planning when you own property with someone who is not your spouse. For complex legal planning like this, you and your co-owners need to seek legal guidance.

When Kids Turn 18

When your child turns 18, you lose all legal decision making power. At the very least, they should have a Financial Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Directive to Physicians (Living Will), and a HIPAA release. If you have kids aged 18-21, we will include these documents as part of a complete estate plan. If you are an existing client, we will include these documents as part of a paid restatement.

A Message to New Parents About Estate Planning

Now that you are a parent, your life matters in a way that it never has before. Your family is depending on you to care for them, even if you can’t be there.

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