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Our event attendees say:

“Had I known it was going to be that easy, I would have done it years ago. I now feel educated and empowered when it comes to my plan and that is a huge gift and an unexpected treasure.” – DEBBIE S. OF BOULDER, CO

“Martha did an excellent job breaking down the basics in a way we could relate to and understand. We feel educated and confident after going through the planning process.” – TOM & JILL K

“I was on the edge of my seat for your entire talk – Thank you!” – Anonymous

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Most popular: Childrens’ Emergency Protection Plan (CHERP™) ESTATE PLANNING FOR PARENTS

A whopping 69% of parents have no protections in place for their kids if something happened to them. Of those that have, many have made one of the seven common mistakes that could make those protections useless. At our workshops, we share:

• Why it’s CRITICAL that you name guardians for your children
• What are the REAL issues you should be concerned about and what you don’t need to worry about
• What are the MYTHS of estate planning and the TRUTHS
• Why keeping your family out of COURT is essential
• How to TAKE CONTROL over your family’s legal and financial life and keep it that way
• Why getting the estate planning project done is LIFE GIVING to you as a parent
• Find out what is keeping you from the PEACE OF MIND you seek with planning

Whether single, married, in a same-sex or blended family, our workshops help parents face their fears of dying and get an effective estate and child protection plan in place so they can LET IT GO!

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Legal Workshop for Parents (Most Popular)

In this one-hour workshop, Martha will speak in depth about all of the issues that parents need to consider in their estate planning—from protecting kids from being taken into custody to providing resources to your family without court intervention.

Legal Workshop for Busy Moms

In this 30-minute down and dirty seminar, Martha will cover the basics of Estate Planning. Young children and babies are welcome to attend.

Legal Workshop for Single Parents

This is similar to the Legal Seminar for Parents but is uniquely tailored for the special issues associated with divorce and single parenting—we take you more in depth on custody and care when you’re not married to or living with your child’s other parent.

Parents of Children with Special Needs Workshops

More than any other family, parents of children with special needs concerns will last longer and invoke more complex issues than anyone else’s. This mission-critical workshop will help you understand the basics of ongoing legal planning your precious child will need.

Customized Workshops

Blended families, same-sex families, families of multiples, families using ART, non-traditional family structures all may need customized information. We are MORE than happy to accommodate. In fact, this is even more fun for us and for you! Bring your special issues and we will find a way to communicate easily and simply what your group needs to know about legal planning.


Martha Hartney


Martha has been practicing estate planning in the Front Range for over five years— consistently and joyfully showing parents that the estate planning project doesn’t have to be painful—and it sure is liberating. The firm’s mission to educate and empower families has touched hundreds of parents. The firm gained attention as Best of the West the second year it was open, awarded by YellowScene Magazine, and has won the award five years running.

Martha graduated from the University of Denver while being a full time, single mother of two sons. She focused her studies on family, juvenile, and estate law and served in the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office; Larimer County Domestic Courts; and the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center. Martha has served as a pro bono guardian ad litem representing abused and delinquent children. After law school, she was certified as a Child & Family Investigator through the Colorado Bar Association. She has also supported new mothers as a La Leche League Leader and been an advocate of attachment parenting and natural parenting. She is a mother to two young men, and bonus mom to two more. She and her husband Timothy are often seen with their fur babies Echo and Marley hiking the leash free paths of Boulder County.



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