Privacy Policy


Hartney Law, LLC collects the e-mail addresses of those who (1) post comments to the Hartney Law’s blog, (2) communicate with Hartney Law via email, telephone or this site’s contact form; (3) register to receive the Seven Must Do’s When Naming a Guardian, the 11 Costly Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make, or any other report or free or low cost information product; and/or (4) purchase services from Hartney Law LLC. Those whose email addresses are collected will receive Hartney Law’s newsletter and special offers regarding products or services as frequently as once a week. You may remove your email address from future newsletters and email offerings by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each electronic notice sent.

Hartney Law will never publish your email address or sell, produce, transfer, or disclose your email address to a third party, unless it is required to do so by a court or otherwise by law. If it is required by law to disclose your email address, no notice will be given, but all efforts will be made to keep such information confidential and restricted to the matter for which it is required to disclose it.

Hartney Law’s web server does not automatically recognize or collect any information regarding visitors to this site. For analytical purposes, Hartney Law collects and stores aggregate information regarding which pages visitors have accessed. This is the only way that a visitor’s IP address is used, and Hartney Law is not provided the identity of specific IP addresses. All the aggregate information collected is used to improve the content and performance of this site.

Occasionally, Hartney Law may use visitor information for uses not previously anticipated and therefore, not previously disclosed in this privacy policy. Any changes to our practices with regard to visitor information and collected email address will be made to this policy and posted on our site. Only information collected after changes or additions have been made to this policy will be used for a use no previously anticipated.

If you believe that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact Hartney Law at or 4450 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite 100, Boulder, CO 80303.