Join Us for Hartney Law Presents Kirk King – Jun 23

Thursday, June 23, 2016

FUN! Power Ups for Parents! Kirk King
PrAna Boulder
1147 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

These events offer highly relevant, practical information to parents in a FUN, lighthearted environment:

Life Talk: Triangulating Maturity 
Life-changing conversations with your teen and young adult children
Life Talk is a fun interactive presentation that introduces parents to practical conversation skills they can use to encourage and empower their teen and twenty-something children. The presentation begins with a brief look at three key issues teens and twenty-somethings face. It continues with the examination of three critical transitions that all young adults must navigate. The primary take-away, however, from Life Talk are three simple yet powerful “coach method” skills that parents can employ to help their teens and twenty-somethings prepare for college, decide on a career, find a job, and prepare for adult life.
Kirk King Bio
Kirk King is a certified life coach with over thirty years of experience walking with children, teens, young adults, and their parents in the journey to maturity. His professional work has included the elementary and high school classroom, the church, the university campus, and summer camp. Kirk has published curricula for every age group from middle-school to adults. His philosophy of life is, “strength is for service.” Kirk is founder and president of Service Safari/Traverse, a pair of  linked non-profits, dedicated to helping adolescents in their journey to responsible adult life.

Martha Hartney

Principal Attorney

Martha has been practicing estate planning in Colorado for over thirteen years—Consistently and joyfully connecting parents to a deeper essence of estate planning that transforms a traditionally austere process into one of liberation and bonding. The firm’s mission to educate and empower families has touched hundreds of parents. The firm gained attention as Best of [...]

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