Join Us for Hartney Law & Wills & Wellness Cocktail Mixer

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Meet the Crew at Wills & Wellness Cocktail Mixer
Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place, Boulder, CO
2027 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80302

Big News!!! Hartney Law is merging with Denver Firm, Wills & Wellness!

Two firms dedicated to helping families take control of their affairs are joining forces to expand their reach and impact.

Hartney Law is merging with Denver estate planning firm Wills & Wellness to bring you more and better legal services to your family!

On August 15, 2016, Hartney Law and Wills & Wellness will join forces to help more families get their affairs and order and keep them that way.

Here are some answers to questions you might have:

What Does this Mean to Me? If you’re a current client of Hartney Law, you will have access to three great legal minds, not just one in two locations–Denver and Boulder. Wills & Wellness, like Hartney law, is primarily a flat fee based firm so how you do business with your attorney won’t change that much. If you have needs to update your plan, just like with Hartney Law, you can schedule a complimentary Check Up meeting with Wills & Wellness. An updating fee will be quoted at the time of your meeting and depend on the complexity of the updates you need.

Can I continue to meet with Martha? Possibly. Martha is moving to part-time practice in Boulder and will be available for as many existing clients as possible. If not, you’ll be introduced to our two wonderful attorneys, Bonnie Bowles and Kim Ruddell. Bonnie and Kim’s firm was chosen as the successor to Hartney Law because of the depth of their commitment to families, their skill, and their systems and procedures that make them efficient, effective, and free to be great lawyers. You will be well-served by this combined firm!

Where Will My Records Be Kept? If you recall, Hartney Law only keeps digital copies of client records. After the merger is complete, Wills & Wellness will continue to house the records from Hartney Law, including digital copies of your estate plan completed with Hartney Law. You should have complete copies of your estate plan in PDF. If you do not, please contact right away to arrange for a jump drive to be created and mailed to you.

Can I find another attorney for my estate planning needs? Of course! You have complete control over who you hire to continue to serve your family. If you need your records transferred to a new lawyer, please let us know in writing and we’ll set up a secure method to transfer your information. Email to set up a transfer of your digital client files prior to the completion of the merger, after the merger date.

What’s Martha up to? Martha is starting a national legal self-help product bringing her new Children’s Emergency Response Plan (CHERP™) to all families in the US. If you’re a current client of the firm, you know how important it is to put a plan in place to make sure your children are never taken into protective custody or at risk of being put in foster care in an emergency. Martha and her husband, Timothy, have developed a system in which every family in America can put an emergency response plan in place for a reasonable price. She’ll be off and running on that project in August so watch for more news.

Can Martha conduct our next Illumination Interview? Possibly. Martha is planning to make these interviews her main follow up priority. If you had your interview with Martha already, you know how important it is, how meaningful to your family a recording of you will become to your family in years and decades to come. We’ll send along information about how to schedule another Illumination Interview in the next few weeks.

Can I Meet the Attorneys? Yes! We’d love to invite you to meet Bonnie and Kim at a mixer.

You’re invited! As an existing client, we want you to meet Bonnie and Kim face to face so when you have a need, you feel you can call on them as much as you would call on Hartney Law.

What: Meet the Crew at Wills & Wellness Cocktail Mixer!

When: August 16, 2016, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Where: Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place

The first drink and some appetizers will be on us and if you’d like to stay for dinner, please make a reservation by calling Shine directly: 2027 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80302
PHONE: (303) 449-0120.

Martha Hartney

Principal Attorney

Martha has been practicing estate planning in Colorado for over thirteen years—Consistently and joyfully connecting parents to a deeper essence of estate planning that transforms a traditionally austere process into one of liberation and bonding. The firm’s mission to educate and empower families has touched hundreds of parents. The firm gained attention as Best of [...]

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