Join Us for Hartney Law Presents Deidre Farrell – May 12

Thursday, May 12, 2016

FUN! Power Ups for Parents! Deidre Farrell - May 12
PrAna Boulder
1147 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

These events offer highly relevant, practical information to parents in a FUN, lighthearted environment:

Deidre Farrell: Wondering if you will be able to help your student pay for college and still retire someday?  With planning, you can.  A sound college strategy relies on solid academic preparation, a well-executed admissions strategy, and an understanding of one’s financial resources as far in advance as possible.  This workshop will educate families about the financial aid system, how it may impact their ability to pay college costs, and how to plan accordingly to help their student attend the right college at an affordable cost.  We will discuss the financial aid process, including what an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is, how this is calculated, and how it may impact college plans. More here…



Aaron Perry, life hacks for families: “Y On Earth: How We Will Get Smarter, Feel Better and Heal the Planet”
Peggy Altschuler, “Identity Theft”
Pamm Gibson, family meditation
Michael Vladeck, parenting teens
Jason Mong, college financial preparation
Seth Streeter, mindful wealth
John Hoelle & Katie Wise, preparing for a growing family (emotional, intellectual, relational)
Michelle Lee Weldon, neurosculpting techniques for parents and teens

Martha Hartney

Principal Attorney

Martha has been practicing estate planning in Colorado for over thirteen years—Consistently and joyfully connecting parents to a deeper essence of estate planning that transforms a traditionally austere process into one of liberation and bonding. The firm’s mission to educate and empower families has touched hundreds of parents. The firm gained attention as Best of [...]

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