What’s in it for You?


Perhaps you’ve been putting this off for years. So, why do you need to get your estate plan completed now?

…because life is uncertain. Accidents happen. Unplanned events occur.

Families are impacted each and every day, but you can choose whether that impact will be positive or negative. When you set your affairs in order, not only are you putting practical steps in place to ensure the well-being of your loved ones but you are also shaping your legacy in a meaningful way.

Design your estate plan to positively impact those who love and need you so that even IF there were a situation where you can no longer financially or emotional support others, you can still maintain control over your own legacy.

Our experience with Martha far exceeded our expectations. We really appreciated the visuals Martha used to help us understand our options."
- Stephen & Kristin B
Martha exceeded all our expectations. She was warm, caring, and knowledgeable."
- Belinda C
We had some unconventional circumstances which took some time to resolve. Martha patiently allowed us to come to an understanding of how to resolve those issues."
- Elizabeth & Richard B
Love, love, love the video idea! What a precious gift to our children if something were ever to happen.Who knew estate & family planning would be so easy and fun! Excellent experience!"
- Stephanie & Matthew O
I'm very confident thanks to Martha. I don't feel worried or stressed. We've gone through different scenarios and addressed all concerns. I want to be here for my family, but have done what I can if I'm not able to be."
- Eve A
Martha is very knowledgeable. She helped us answer questions we never would have thought to ask. She is also very warm. We felt cared for in all our interactions with her."
- C.V.
The time Martha took to explain details of the process was exceptional. We feel our family will be well protected and are confident in Martha's knowledge and abilities."
- Trevor & Sarah B
Everyone needs the information and support Martha can provide."
- Michael & Selena
I felt Martha listened well to our needs and presented all options. We felt confident that we made the right choice for our family right now. I also appreciated being able to bring our youngest child to the signing. We had a great, positive, non-scary (considering the subject matter) experience."
- B.B.
Martha's flexibility and accomodation to us during the process was very helpful. Her focused law practice is very important for families."
- David
I was surprised by how emotionally moving it was for us to create our video. Now we are covered in the event of a tragedy not just legally, but emotionally."
- Kaley & Nate H
Martha did an excellent job breaking down the basics in a way we could relate to and understand. We feel educated and confident after going through the planning process."
- Tom & Jill K
Had I known it was going to be that easy, I would have done it years ago. I now feel educated and empowered when it comes to my plan and that is a huge gift and an unexpected treasure."
- Debbie S. of Boulder, CO
I'm very confident that I've made the best choices for my family.
I recommend Martha because she is warm and friendly and can help people through this hard/important process. I am glad to be her client. I feel I have someone to call who knows me. I did not expect the personal attention to us from Martha. It gave me confidence that she understood me and my family."
- Paul & Jenny B.
Martha has the perfect balance of positive energy, calm demeanor, expertise, and true caring for someone doing this job."
- Erin E.