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When the Unthinkable Happens…

It’s “Date Night” Saturday…the kids are going to kids’ night out and you’ve got four hours to yourselves to reconnect and be in love again. Just the two of you.

You’ve lined up a sitter.

You left money for the pizza delivery guy and a list of contact numbers on the refrigerator door, right under the magnet you bought in Yosemite last summer.

You’ve got everything taken care of.

Except what happens to your children if the unthinkable happens and you never make it back home?

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My Legal Planning Story: Becoming the Parent I Want to Be

When we had our first son, my ex-husband and I were vaguely aware that we should name a guardian for our baby if something happened to us. But in the weeks and months following his birth, I was too busy learning to be a mother to worry about a legal document. At the time, too, my son and I were attached…at the breast. There was no way he was going to be out of my sight for any length of time, I reasoned, and if something happened to me, it would happen to him too and, well, we’d both be gone.

It wasn’t until our son was nearing three years old and in pre-school a couple of hours a week, and a new baby was in my arms, that I felt a more pressing need to make sure he was cared for if I weren’t there. At the time, my ex-husband began to feel worried

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