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How to Stop Procrastinating on your Estate Plan

Shortly after the beginning of the pandemic, I noticed a dramatic increase in the number of business inquiries coming into the law firm. It seemed like people who had been able to put their estate planning repeatedly on the back burner could no longer bring themselves to do so. Too many people were dying, and […]

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Leaving Money to Your Nieces and Nephews – Read This First

Picture this scenario…

You’ve worked hard, saved and managed to accumulate some wealth.

You’re not a robber baron by any means but you’re comfortable. Your siblings haven’t fared as well and you want to make sure that their children have the benefit of a solid higher education. With no children of your own, it seems the right thing to do.

What does this have to do with estate planning?
Nothing. I just like it.
So you set up 529 college education savings plans for your nieces and nephews, make them the beneficiaries, and mention everything in your will.

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Deidre Farrell shares successful college planning tips

Success! Last evening, Dierdre Farrell, Financial Consultant with Thrivent Financial, spoke to our audience and provided many successful college planning tips. If you missed the event, here are some highlights: Deidre outlined the 3 tenets of college planning: + Admissions + Academics + Financial As you can see, successful college planning is NOT just about the […]

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Hartney Law Sponsoring Power Ups for Parents! Events

Hartney Law is pleased to announce it’s sponsorship of a new event series, Power Ups for Parents! These events are held at PrAna in Boulder, on selected Thursday evenings at 5:30pm. These events offer highly relevant, practical information to parents in a FUN, lighthearted environment: CURRENTLY PLANNED SPEAKERS & TOPICS: Aaron Perry, life hacks for families: […]

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Put Your Financial House in Order with These 5 Essential Tasks

If you’re like most parents I know, the “To-Do” list below is going to be a little tough to tackle in the midst of Back To School craziness but I hope you’ll take a look and consider checking a few things off when you have time. You’ll gain peace of mind while you confirm that your financial house is in order.

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